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Hi ! I’m Cherry !
Inspired by years of sharing my real life experiences with my fans,
I’m building an intimate & exclusive club with people
that supports me the most + interested in real life meet ups + interested to be part of what I’m building.
Memberships are limited in supply : 100 members max
I’m keeping it tight to ensure every member is properly having fun / rewarded.
Currently 32 spots left
Get in
Get closer to me

It’s all about me … and you

Enjoy my content, talk to me, meet with me, attend parties with me and other community members !

What I build


web3 adult content platform

Members of CherryBlossom Community are shared “owners” of Niwa

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Enter the club

anyone over 18+ and enjoying what I do is welcome to join ❤️

Memberships are limited in supply. Once the club is full, gate is closed !

Your membership does not expire, it is valid for life. If you want out, it is transferable, so someone can buy it from you if you wish to.

Get your ID

About ID’s

Just like you would need to show your membership card to enter your recreation club, you need to claim your own ID to be part of my community !

I have designed the ID’s as NFTs. It is more about true ownership, anonymity and innovative ways to log in than about crypto speculation.

Your ID is in your own wallet, you are in control. Your ID will allow you to log in to see content on Niwa, the discord, CBL social, attend parties with ease and without the need to provide private information.

ID’s are non expiring, so you can be a member for life if you want to. You could also easily transfer/sell it if needed.

Need help ?

Should you have questions / need technical assistance to join, please get in touch with me, I’ll happily give you a hand : @cherryhotwife on twitter – Cherrry#0302 on discord