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I love Japan and Cherry Blossoms, so I have picked a Japanese theme for our community… You don’t mind a little role playing, do you ?!

Limited to just 100 members. Once the club is full, gate is closed. This is to ensure max fun and rewards for members, I have to keep it tight and exclusive.

Your membership does not expire, it is valid for life. If you want out, it is transferable, so someone can buy it from you if you wish to.

March 18 : 32 spots left

Every ID is numbered and fully owned by members.

Need help ? Talk to me ! / @cherryhotwife


Lifetime membership, Meet ups, Lifetime Niwa Super User : free $CB tokens, 50% discount on all content on Niwa, earn loyalty points, get custom content for free


Max Supply : 47 Available Now : 28Be Samurai

Daimyo (Premium)

Lifetime membership, Meet ups, free access to Niwa content, earn Niwa platform fees


Max Supply : 28 Available Now : 4Be Daimyo

Shogun (VIP)

Lifetime Membership, Meet ups, free access to Niwa content, earn more Niwa platform fees, VIP relations with Cherry


Sold out