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For Creators

Creators can get a “Geisha” ID and start posting content behind the pay walls of their choice. USDC, Matic, CBL, or even their own fan NFT if they have one. Niwa doesn’t collect fee on the creators : each time a user pays to unlock, 100% of the funds go instantly & directly to the creator’s wallet.

Community Built

Niwa is built and managed by Cherry and the Cherry Blossom Community. It is about : being independent, censorship-resistant, fair to creators and users.
Members of the CBC are Niwa Super Users : discount, loyalty points, included access to content… A small fee in matic is collected when unlocking content. This fee helps to support the platform and a % is re-distributed to Daimyos & Shoguns of the CBC.
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for any questions : @cherry_hotwife on twitter