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Niwa is a membership-free content platform for adults.

Anyone can log in with a web3 wallet and unlock content anonymously without the need to sign up, provide personal information or use a credit card.

See something of interest ? Unlock the content and it will be accessible, without expiration.

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No fees for creators

Creators can post their content behind the pay walls of their choice, USDC, Matic, or their own NFT/token if they have one !

When a user pays to unlock, 100% of the funds go instantly & directly to the creator’s wallet. Also, no cap on tips.

We also have a market place creators can freely use to sell merch, stickers, custom content…

This is why crypto is useful for, and that’s all we truly need !

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Niwa has no token.

It’s an open platform for creators to monetize their work the way they want to.

We believe it’s best for everyone to use regulated stablecoins like USDC because of the clear and fixed value. 

However, it can also make sense to price a creator’s content with her own token.

For example, Cherry is using Niwa to give use cases to her social token CBL. People unlocking Cherry’s content with CBL earn Cherry Loyalty Points, that can be used to get custom content from her.

This can be easily replicated by any creator with their own token.

Keep it simple.

We keep it as “just show me content to enjoy !” as possible.

No one cares about complicated and “not needed” use cases of crypto and NFT’s.

We’re not here to do speculation and trading, we’re here to have fun and provide fun to visitors, and allow creators to be paid without “managing” their funds for them.

See a post you like ? Unlock/Send a tip in 2 clicks straight to the creator.


Community built

Niwa is built and managed by Cherry and the Cherry Blossom Community (CBC).

It is about : being independent, open, censorship-resistant, fair to creators & users, using the blockchain “good” use cases and not bothering with the useless/speculative ones.

There is no VC’s investment behind Niwa. It’s all about being a community.

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